Left to right: Philip Silvestri Owner of Plano Profile, Suzy Sloan Jones Executive Director of ArtCentre of Plano, Stephanie Tann and Camille Ussery Senior Vice President/Executive Officer of BTH Bank

Plano Profile magazine began a “Spirit of Plano” photography contest in the fall of 2015 to focus on all things beautiful around the wonderful community we live in! The purpose of the contest was to get a glimpse into how different individuals around Plano, both professional and amateur photographers, alike, see Plano. Over 150 photo submissions creatively depicted iconic Plano events, awesome scenes, hidden gems and amazing locals.

plano profile january 2016

It was tough to choose just one winner, but in the end, Stephanie Tann’s “Backyard Wilderness” caught the eye of the majority. Stephanie’s photo not only got the front cover spot on the January print issue, but she was also honored at Plano Profile‘s photography exhibition event held at BTH Bank in Plano, with the partnership of ArtCentre of Plano. The photographers of the other 11 favorite photos were also invited, along with family and friends.

Unexpectedly, Stephanie’s picture was captured in her own backyard. “Pittman Creek runs right through our lot, and my husband and I take our boys down there just about every day!” she exclaimed. “There are fish and turtles, and we even see bobcats, coyotes, owls and rattle snakes. Recently, we saw a hawk being terrorized by some crows. In the spring, there are too many birds to count.” The creek is about one mile from three grocery stores and one block from an elementary school,  which Stephanie finds crazy that “we have unbridled access to all of this nature!” and so close to home.

The event at BTH Bank began with a choice of wine, beer or water and light snacks. While everyone mingled and enjoyed their drinks and bites, the 12 photographers and their pieces were presented. A special presentation was made for Stephanie, including the gift of a framed January issue of Plano Profile that showcases her work. All photographers were given a large, professionally-made print out of their photo to take with them.

On behalf of Plano Profile, thank you to all who submitted their photos for the “Spirit of Plano” contest! We are excited to host more contests in the future that gets the community involved.

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