It’s hard to know the best course of action when it comes to senior related topics. There are so many options when it comes to housing, transportation, government benefits, care-giving, support, in-home assistance and even benefit counseling.

With the aim to arm citizens with information so that they can make educated decisions, avoid a crisis, and improve their overall quality of life, the City of Plano recently hosted a panel discussion on senior living. With a booming population, The City of Plano wants its residents to understand all of the services that are available for seniors within the city.

The panel took place at the Plano Senior Center (401. W 16th St). Participating on the Panel was Katherine Campbell from the Alzheimer’s Association, Shanette Brown from The City of Plano neighborhood services, Lori Leu Elder Law Attorney from Leu & Peirce, Angela Powell from the Area Agency on Aging, Lee Stark from the Wellness Center for Older Adults, Kathleen Storey from HarborChase, and Mick Koffend from Accountable Aging Care Management.

The panel answered questions from the audience about Medicare and Social Security. They responded to concerns about the need for affordable housing, care services and supplies. The panel answered questions about protecting seniors from being targets, and when to know that it’s time to move into a senior living community and how to choose a home care provider. The panel helped the audience understand different services that are available to them and assured them that there is “no wrong door”, they can reach out to any member from the panel going forward, and have their questions answered and be pointed in the right direction. The panel worked together as a unit, and they weren’t there to sell any service, they were just there to provide free information because the whole goal of this panel discussion was to arm the citizens of Plano with information so they know that they are valued, and the City wants to keep them in Plano.

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