Animal-advocate group Brittany Rescue in Texas (BRIT) presents Paws & Poinsettias, featuring photos with Santa, hot chocolate, and poinsettias for sale at North American Title in Plano. The event is a fundraiser to benefit BRIT and their mission to find homes for Brittanys, a dog breed known to be sweet-natured and easy to train. Paws & Poinsettias will also feature mobile clothes boutique Couture in a Can.

Click here to see Brittanys available for adoption.


Where: North American Title, 4709 W. Parker Rd., Plano, Texas 75093

When: Saturday, December 5, 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Click here or call 817.300.8301 for more information about the event.

About BRIT 

Brittany Rescue in Texas, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization comprised of individuals who share a deep love of Brittanys. Its primary purpose is to identify and rescue stray, abandoned, surrendered, or impounded Brittanys and provide for their medical, physical and emotional needs until they are adopted. The secondary purpose of the organization is to provide breed education and support to help adopted Brittanys be cared for most effectively.

About Brittanys

The Brittany was originally bred as a hunting dog. Although it is often referred to as a Spaniel, the breed’s working characteristics are more akin to those of a pointer or setter.

Brittanys are happy, sweet natured, easy to train dogs, neither mean nor shy. They are intelligent, active, alert, and require regular companionship and exercise. They are medium-sized, athletic dogs, with long legs and docked or normally short tails. Their colors vary and include orange and white, brown and white, black and white, or tri-color. They’re rugged and strong—the word “muscular” occurs more than once in the breed standard—but smooth, clean, and quick afoot. The face has the “softness” prized by bird-dog lovers; high-set ears convey the breed’s essential eagerness.

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