There is a confluence of fashion roads that may lead to your closet door. There’s a bohemian movement of world and tribal looks. The Hippie look from the ’60s abounds with bell-bottoms and chunky shoes and may cause some to wax nostalgic. But for those who adore the classics, the road is here for you.

Classic dress silhouettes appeared at many fall runway shows. With lovely silk and viscose fabrics, these dresses are comfortable to wear and are attractive on all women. Flowered prints are stylish and feminine. Coat and dress combinations are very popular. A plum-colored trench coat pairs well with a similarly-hued printed sheath. A lovely pink wool coat is contrasted by a solid black dress for dramatic effect. Add a matching pink cashmere scarf and voila, you’ve got a beautiful classic visage. Leather and faux leather jackets also pair well with classic dresses. A leaf-print waisted dress blends with a black jacket; add black tights and ghillie heels for a complete look that goes day to night.

Classic sweaters are always a treat and they are ubiquitous this season. Pair a round neck wool sweater embellished with sleeve cutouts and add your favorite pair of jeans. Wear with high flat boots. Or wear a navy sweater embellished with a gray cashmere scarf and add classic beige pants. Wear a white sweater under a boxy grey jacket and add embossed pants for a great date look. Add platform-heeled boots. Cotton sweaters and sweatshirts are comfortable and trendy; add a scarf and a short straight skirt; pop the look with a cranberry-colored leather tote.

Buying these pieces or looks are by definition, investment dressing; you can use these pieces from year to year. They can be mixed and matched. Note that the shades and hues are indeed neutrals.  Think two dresses, a jacket, a pant, a coat, and a scarf; your basic pieces are done for the season and many seasons to come. You’re on the right road and it’s a classic.

Makeup by Jon Parker of Salon Republic. The featured stores are located at The Galleria Dallas. The featured shoes are from Belk.

Linda Kenney

Fashion Editor Linda Kenney styles and writes the column, “Ready-to-wear” and also specializes in Retail/Luxury sales. She began her career as a stock trader in Boston; upon moving to Dallas, Linda...